Are You Covered for Water Backup Damage?

Spring storms can cause unexpected water damage to your home. Here’s why you should consider adding water backup coverage to your homeowners policy.

Most homeowners don’t think about water backup coverage when getting home insurance, but water backup can cause extensive damage to your home. 

Why you need it:
  • It’s not included in a standard homeowners insurance policy.
    • If you don’t have water backup coverage for your home, condo, or even your renters insurance policy, then you could be stuck paying for cleanup or damages caused by a sump pump or similar equipment that is not considered a plumbing system.


  • Everyone has the potential to need this type of coverage.
    • Even if you have flood insurance, it’s a different policy.


  • It can cover you for loss of use if your home is uninhabitable.
    • In most cases of a sump pump failure, you may have to leave the residence while clean happens.
    • Or if your furnace is damaged due to water backup and it’s 30º outside and you can’t heat your home.
    • Loss of use coverage covers living expenses above and beyond a person’s normal living expenses.
    • It can cover your hotel room while your claim adjuster approves your claim.
How to prevent water backup:
    • Don’t pour oil or grease down your drains.


    • Watch what you flush down your toilets (no paper towels or feminine products).


    • Consider using plastic pipes to prevent tree roots from entering them.


    • Check your sump pump regularly.


    • Install a backwater prevention valve to prevent sewer backups.


    • Buy a battery backup to keep your sump pump running when the power goes out.

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