Do I Need Life Insurance?

There are many reasons to get life insurance, and RNI gives you a few to think about, especially if someone else is depending on you. Consider these common scenarios…

Getting Married?
  • Now that you have a spouse, are they dependent upon you for support?
  • What would happen if you or your spouse didn’t make it home?
  • Do you need a joint life insurance policy?
  • There are many things to consider about which policy is best for you now.
Baby on the way?
  • This is when young adults become aware that they may need life insurance to protect their children in case something happens.
  • You should start thinking about getting a policy sooner rather than later.


Are you supporting your aging parents?
  • Hopefully, your parents already have a life insurance policy.
  • You might want to check into life insurance with a long-term care rider if caring for your parents.
  • And what happens to them if you die before them? Will they be taken care of properly?


  • What happens to your family if you’re the breadwinner and something happens to you?
  • You can get business-owned life and disability insurance policies.
  • Most financial institutions will require a policy if you get a business loan.
  • A decreasing term life insurance policy makes the bank the beneficiary to pay off the loan in case the owner dies.


High-risk occupation?
  • If your job is dangerous or in a high-risk environment, you have a greater chance of dying than say an office worker.
  • Check to see if your job has employer-provided group life insurance to insure your paycheck if you are disabled or die on the job.


Speak with your RNI agent to ensure you have the proper coverage for all your insurance needs.

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