Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Burst Pipes?

One of the hazards of winter weather is frozen pipes that burst and cause damage to your home. Are you covered by your homeowners policy?

Coverage with exceptions
  • Most homeowners insurance will cover pipes that burst because of sudden and accidental damage.
  • But, the exception would be if the damage occurred because of homeowner negligence.
  • If there was negligence (if the burst pipe happened because the pipes were old or there was a lack of maintenance), then coverage would be denied. 
What’s covered?
  • Generally, coverage would include the following:
    • Accidental discharge or overflow from plumbing, air conditioning, or automatic sprinkler system.
    • However, it can also cover frozen pipes if proper precautions* are taken to prevent them from freezing.
  • Though some insurance might cover the damage caused by the water, they may not protect the actual pipes or that burst.
  • Here’s what to do if a pipe bursts.


*Proper precautions
  • The homeowner must take all measures, such as insulating the pipes or turning the water supply off during winter.
  • The homeowner must prove that every precaution was taken to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • How to prevent pipes from freezing.


Three types of coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage
    • This will cover the damaged property from burst pipes, such as property in the basement.
    • The coverage amount would depend on the policy.
  • Dwelling coverage
    • This would cover any part of the home that has sustained damage.
    • This coverage would cover the repair or replacement of damages to property.
  • Use coverage
    • This covers expenses incurred above normal living expenses, such as staying in a hotel while repairs are being done.

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