Reasons to Use a Local, Independent Insurance Company


Raymond Nelson Insurance has a few good reasons why it’s best to have all your insurance from one local, independent company.

The number one benefit of an independent, local agency is “better customer service”

  • Responsiveness
    • The benefits of excellent service could mean the difference between claims resolved in days rather than weeks or months.
    • Your independent agency’s response time is lightning quick for questions and requests.
  • Help throughout the claim process
    • Our job isn’t done once the claim is filed – We’re there to offer help with the whole process.
  • Better communication
    • Effective communication between the insurance agency, adjuster, and client is a key component of excellent customer service.
    • Your local agency knows exactly what policies you hold and what’s covered under them.

Independent agencies have more options

  • Save money
  • No need to change agencies
    • Clients don’t have to switch agencies if their insurance changes.
    • For example, if you have renters insurance and want to buy a home, you can stay with the same local company for homeowner’s insurance.


  • Independent agencies like us at Raymond Nelson Insurance can help with all of your insurance needs.
    • Homeowners 
    • Auto
    • Other property coverage
    • Life
    • Commercial
    • Trucking insurance


  • With more products available and personal knowledge of your life and business circumstances, an independent agent can help you with personalized solutions and the appropriate coverage for you, your family, and your business.


At Raymond Nelson Insurance, we go the extra mile to find you the coverage that best protects what matters most, the business you’ve built, and the people you love. We always take the time to get to know each client and serve their best interests. Give us a call today at (270)885-1800 or contact us online for more information.