Commonly Asked Insurance Questions


There is a lot to know about insurance so our highly trained experts at Raymond Nelson Insurance are here to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked insurance questions

Does car insurance cover the car or the driver?
  • Depending on your coverage, it could cover both.
    • Car insurance generally refers to damage to your vehicle due to either your fault or when someone else crashes into you.
    • However, most car insurance policies include medical expenses as standard, which protects you and any other passenger in the vehicle.
  • The level of coverage and what’s included varies and you should weigh the importance of this when deciding what coverage to get.
What’s the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage?
  • Collision insurance pays for:
    • Damage to your car in an accident you cause.
    • Damage to your car if you hit an object such as a fence or pole.
    • Damage to your car if someone else hits you.
  • Comprehensive insurance pays for the value of your car if it’s stolen and not recovered. It also covers damage from:
    • Weather – such as tornado or hail
    • Floods
    • Fire
    • Falling objects, such as tree limbs
    • Explosion
    • Hitting a deer or other animal
    • Riots and civil disturbances
    • Vandalism
What are the different types of insurance coverage?
  • Bodily liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive collision
  • Uninsured & underinsured
Is auto insurance mandatory?
  • Auto insurance is mandatory in every state across the U.S., however, laws do vary.
  • To make sure you have the right insurance, visit your state government’s transportation website and you can find information regarding Kentucky here.
Does my gender affect premium rates?
  • Yes – Using statistical driving data, it has been found that male drivers are generally involved in more accidents.
  • As a result, male drivers pay bigger premiums.

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