Am I Covered If I Hit a Deer?


Raymond Nelson Insurance has all the information you need to know if you were to hit a deer

Deer accidents are prevalent in our area and can cause severe damage to your vehicle or self. If you have full auto insurance coverage, which includes comprehensive insurance, the comprehensive insurance pays out if your vehicle is damaged.

Full Auto Insurance Coverage

  • Covers your damages after a car crash caused by a deer, including medical expenses for your personal injuries.

Comprehensive Insurance

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage pays for repairs or replacement of your vehicle after hitting a deer.
    • This is only if your vehicle comes in contact with the deer.
    • If you swerve to miss the deer, which causes the crash, your claim will become a collision claim.

What to Do if You Hit a Deer

  • If possible, pull your car off the road and turn on your hazard lights.
    • It’s best to stay in your vehicle while waiting for help.
  • Call 911 for police and medical, if needed.
    • A police report will be helpful when filing your insurance claim.
  • Document the accident.
    • Take photos of the surrounding area, roadways, and vehicle damage.
    • If there are witnesses, get their contact information as they may be contacted by your insurance company.
  • Do not approach the animal!
    • If the deer is still in the vicinity or in the middle of the road, it could be in distress and could hurt you.
  • Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive before leaving the scene.
    • It’s best to wait for a professional to inspect your vehicle before driving.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
    • Get started on a potential claim immediately after the accident once you’re able to.

worst time of the year for deer accidents is October through December.

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