Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance?


Auto insurance rates are predicated on the fact that someone is going to file a claim because of an accident. Rates are adjusted to your driving record and a speeding ticket can have an impact on your rates since speeding would be more likely to cause an accident.

Insurance agencies will check your motor vehicle record (MVR) which would include any driving infractions including speeding and adjust your rates accordingly.

If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket recently, you’ll likely pay more for car insurance. 
  • How much you’ll pay can vary based on your driving history, location, and other factors.
  • Compared rates across the country for a hypothetical 35-year-old driver ticketed for going 16 mph over the speed limit, your car insurance typically goes up about 25% after the speeding ticket.
  • On average, a driver convicted of speeding will pay $2,043 a year – $413 more than a driver with a clean record.


Minimum vs. full coverage after a speeding ticket

If  your insurance goes up after getting a ticket, you might consider going with minimum coverage rather than full coverage.

  • Average rate for full coverage is $2,043
  • Average rate for minimum coverage is $710.

BUT think carefully about this option since minimum coverage won’t have comprehensive and collision coverage.


How long does a ticket affect your insurance?
  • Your MVR might keep a permanent record of your ticket.
  • Many insurance companies only look back three to five years for minor violations, including speeding tickets.


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