Do you Need Insurance for your RV? Golf Cart?

Check out these different types of recreational vehicles and the insurance they require to keep you safe and sound during your adventure!  From ATVs to golf carts, make sure you have the right insurance before any road trips so you can enjoy the journey worry-free. 
RV Insurance

Unlike other vehicles, recreational vehicles (RV) don’t always require a separate insurance policy. Your existing car insurance policy may extend protection to RVs, including campers, caravans, and travel trailers, as long as they’re towed by your vehicle.

  • While you need a separate insurance policy to drive a motorized RV, your existing auto insurance offers some coverage to towed campers and travel trailers.
  • Motorized RVs must be insured like regular vehicles, including with bodily injury and property damage liability coverage — though you can also get add-ons for complete protection.
  • RV insurance offers coverage suited to the needs of part-time and full-time users of recreational vehicles, including personal property protection and coverage for attachments.
What about Golf Carts?
  • Golf carts have a usefulness that extends beyond the links, such as getting around your community, hauling gardening equipment, and leisurely rides around your property. But if you plan to drive your golf cart on public roads, you might need golf cart insurance, depending on your state, county, city, or town.
  • Golf cart insurance typically provides these types of coverage:
    • Collision and comprehensive, bodily injury and property damage liability, and other types.
    • This coverage can be part of your car insurance, homeowners insurance, or as a separate golf insurance policy.

Even if your area doesn’t require golf cart insurance, you might want to think about buying it.

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