The History of Our Agency

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Do you know how Raymond Nelson Insurance Agency first got our start?  Read about the history of our agency in our latest blog.
1971 – Door-to-Door Insurance

In 1971, Mr. Raymond Nelson was living in Hopkinsville, KY, selling life insurance door-to-door. His dedication and commitment to helping people protect their futures saw him build strong relationships within the community over the next decade. 

However, after ten years of hard work in this demanding role, Raymond sought a more effective and impactful way to assist his clients. Raymond envisioned a brick and mortar business where personal relationships and reliability formed the foundation of every interaction, marking a significant shift from the traditional door-to-door sales approach he had known. 

1981 – Brick & Mortar Building

This aspiration led to the founding of Raymond Nelson Insurance, Inc. in 1981. Driven by a passion for providing exceptional service, he established the agency with the core principle of always going above and beyond for clients. His dedication to this mission set a new standard in the insurance industry, while ensuring that Raymond Nelson Insurance would be a trusted partner for clients in their times of need.

Today – Licensed in 22 States

Initially focused on the trucking and transportation industry, we have since expanded both our regional footprint and our insurance offerings. From our beginnings in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, we now operate as a full-service agency licensed in over 22 states. We are proud to provide comprehensive coverage across the United States and Canada as well. Whether for personal or commercial insurance needs, we are always committed to securing the best protection for your business and loved ones.

Today we offer a comprehensive range of insurance solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Our personal lines agents manage policies that cover home, auto, and other personal assets, ensuring individuals and families are well-protected. For businesses, our commercial agents provide tailored coverage options for various industries, safeguarding companies against potential risks. Our transportation agents offer policies that cater to the unique requirements of the logistics and transportation sectors. 

Additionally, we are proud to continue our founder’s legacy by providing life insurance policies, helping clients secure their loved ones’ financial future.

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

With over 100 years of combined experience, our agents specialize in safeguarding businesses, homes, and families too. We offer a wide range of coverage options, leveraging our expertise to provide insurance solutions that are both affordable and thorough.

Personalized, compassionate service is our hallmark. We prioritize our clients’ needs above all, taking the time to understand and serve their best interests. We ensure they receive the coverage they truly need.

At Raymond Nelson Insurance, we go the extra mile to find the coverage that best protects what matters most: the business you’ve built and the people you love. We always take the time to get to know each client and serve their best interests as well. Call us today at (270) 885-1800 or contact us online for more information.